High-protein power bar made of organic beef from Germany – 40% natural protein without any additives.
The perfect boost for post-workout recovery or as a low carb snack when you’re on the go.

Organic Protein Bar

With 40% highly absorbable protein and only 1% carbs the protein bar from Ochsenstolz® is an ideal source of nutritional value after physical effort or when you are on the go. Next to natural protein the Ochsenriegel contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in a combination that can’t be manufactured industrially.

Organic Beef

from Germany

natural Protein

only 5% Fat and 1% Carbs


and flavour enhacers

Its premium quality makes the Ochsenriegel a perfect booster after intensive workouts, for low carb-diets (Atkins/Ketogen) or simply for a healthy living. Strictly made out of organic ingredients the Ochsenriegel comes without any flavour enhancers, preservatives and nitrite salts and furthermore they are gluten- and lactose-free. While comparable products often contain industrial sugar or other processed ingredients this organic food bar is the perfect snack for a balanced and natural nutrition.

Thereby the Ochsenriegel matches the special needs of athletes – wether you are a professional or an amateur, both for athletic or endurance sports. Born from the idea of a natural beef snack for athletes we keep in touch with old and new friends of the Ochsenriegel and are delighted about your feedback…

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